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What are Controversial Essay Topics?

Controversial essay topics

Writing a controversial essay can be a challenging task for many students because you will need to choose a subject that is 'hot topic'. Writing about any issue, situation, or subject that is controversial will enable the writer to take a position and defend his position while supporting it with the evidence resulting from his or her research. To successfully create this type of a paper the writer will need to balance reasoning, evidence, common sense, and beliefs- not an easy feat for even the most opinionated student. When choosing your controversial essay topic it will also be necessary to consider your audience- because even though your purpose of addressing a particular topic may be to persuade them to see your point of view, the topic you choose can sometimes be perceived as offensive to your audience. So with that in mind, there are certain topics you would do well to stay away from. For instance, you wouldn't want to write about the legalization of abortion if your audience is of the catholic faith, nor would you want to write about a plantation owner's advantages of owning a slave in the 1800's if your audience was comprised largely of African Americans. The key here is to use discretion and common sense when choosing controversial essay topics for your paper. There certainly are many 'hot topics' to write about from just reading the paper or watching a news program- Any topic that has to do with educational, sexual, political, or social beliefs are all controversial and debatable themes to write about.

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At we know how difficult it can be to choose a topic for your controversial essay. In addition to the many choices you will have, you'll want to choose one that you have some knowledge about and feel passionate about. Allow our expert writers to help you write on a controversial essay topic that will interest your audience and leave them thinking about your point of view long after they have read your essay. Our seasoned writers are skilled when it comes to writing about controversial essay topics and can help you get that A you have been working so hard for. The following are some ideas that should help gain some insight as to what you can choose as a topic for your own paper:

  • Are gangs an acceptable substitute for families?
  • Is social media a substitute for meaningful relationships?
  • Do we live in a disposable society?
  • Do CEOs of companies make too much money?
  • Are beauty pageants appropriate for pre-schoolers?
  • Does participating in sports keep kids away from drugs?
  • Could a person who killed 20 children in an elementary school be a genius?
  • Does excelling academically make us smarter?
  • Should government regulate health care?
  • Is 'big business' responsible for Global Warming?
  • Do violent video games and movies cause violence in our society?
  • Is being competitive a good thing?
  • Should you tell the truth to a 6 year old who asks "is Santa real?"
  • Do age differences affect relationships between a man and a woman?
  • Are the Wealthy members of society taxed enough?
  • Are all politicians liars?

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